Gotomyerp : The Ultimate Bridge between Online and Desktop

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Gotomyerp : The Ultimate Bridge between Online and Desktop

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Mike Murphy, Director of Marketing, GotomyerpMike Murphy, Director of Marketing
More businesses are waking up to the massive benefits that cloud hosting has to offer in the form of operational scalability, business continuity, cost efficiency, and collaborative prowess. In tune with this trend, businesses using Quickbooks, Sage, Microsoft solutions are looking to achieve a stable cloud-driven business environment where they can operate flexibly, meet customer requirements, and drive business outcomes. But that requires a trusted technology partner who can help them in optimizing IT.

Enter gotomyerp, a company that walks hand in hand with its clients, helping them achieve their business goals of consistent, uninterrupted operations. gotomyerp provides its clients with ‘the easy way forward’ where most of the day-to-day business activities are simplified. The clients need not worry about harmonizing the various elements of IT or hire consultants. gotomyerp consolidates all the IT processes, enables secure communication, and supports the end-to-end operations, every minute of the day. “Using gotomyerp’s services is like using utility service, where they can feel the ‘always on’ experience,” says Robert Eppele, CEO of gotomyerp. Besides, the company takes care of the complex integrations that go with Quickbooks and other tools. Add to that gotomyerp’s ability to represent its clients in working with the publishers and the consultants for various tools, so clients’ employees can focus on their core business. Driven by a collaborative strategy, gotomyerp, at the outset, understands clients' business, challenges, and goals and guides them to choose the right technologies and systems.

Using gotomyerp’s services is like using utility service, where they can feel the ‘always on’ experience

“To provide frictionless cloud experience, we not only migrate clients’ on-premise system to the custom cloud hosting environment but also follow up with consultation and implementation services,” says Eppele. Being on the client-side from start to finish, team gotomyerp keeps the client apprised of the migration journey and step by step execution till the end. The company also gives them insights into the type of systems that are running and the location of their data. To maximum the outcomes, gotomyerp tests the cloud facility even before it migrates the client systems.

gotomyerp leverages AWS which provides a strong foundation for infrastructure security, performance, and resiliency. As an added value, the company introduces security in different layers of the cloud environment in the form of firewall systems or other proprietary security solutions. In case the client demands HIPAA or defense specific requirements, catering to these demands is easy as the architecture is NIST framework certified. “Unlike other centralized services provider, we have decentralized most of our architecture to thwart malicious code and other security concerns, including outages,” states Eppele.

In an instance, one of gotomyerp’s clients from the manufacturing and distribution industry had inhibitions about moving to the cloud and was satisfied with the managed services it offered. But the client soon walked into trouble when one of its senior executives inadvertently opened a phishing email, causing failure of their on-premise systems. All of these systems were infected with a crypto locker. However, those client systems that were managed by gotomyerp in the secure cloud environment continued to perform without any glitch. This episode made the client realize the importance of hosting their systems in a secure environment with high security and operational standards.

Soon, gotomyerp will offer complementary services such as technology audits. The company is planning to support resellers and consultants who still provide critical desktop application support to their customers. It company also aims to outperform itself and support clients in new ways.

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Mike Murphy, Director of Marketing

gotomyerp manages all upgrades and backups remotely and ensures that users have access to real-time information at all times. Given the fast-paced business landscape, this ensures everyone in the organization—regardless of where they work from—is using synchronized and up-to-date technology. gotomyerp provides clients with their own private ERP infrastructure, which doesn’t just allow them to share information and insights across the organization, but also effectively make use of that data for business analytics and decision-making process. Further, the company’s well-versed technicians and experts devise a tailor-made and personalized cloud hosting approach for every business, taking their unique needs into consideration