Accounting Seed: Nimble and Comprehensive Accounting

Accounting Seed: Nimble and Comprehensive Accounting

CIO VendorTony Zorc, Founder and CEO
Built-in integration, customization, and automation are the key tenets of Accounting Seed, a company dedicated to providing companies a 360-degree view of their financial data. “Accounting Seed came into existence to address the growing demand for a fully customizable solution that combines accounting with key business systems on one platform,” says Tony Zorc, Founder of Accounting Seed. The company’s application reduces data redundancy, ineffective reporting, and business inefficiencies resulting from the use of siloed business systems deployed across various departments. Built natively on the Salesforce platform, Accounting Seed excels as the Salesforce accounting solution by improving productivity and the flow of company transactional data viewed between front and back office staff.

Accounting Seed also integrates with numerous Salesforce partner applications, banks, credit card companies, and payment processors. Through these integrations, organizations can automatically insert their transactions and detailed banking related information into a single system. By integrating with the payment processor, Stripe, they enable clients to manage collections quickly and efficiently. Accounting Seed simplifies back-office workflows by allowing clients to automatically connect with various application partners through the cloud, making manual approach redundant. The clients can also automate the workflow and ensure all of the sales and contract data is seamlessly managed with inventory, labor, expenses, and customer billing.

“With our highly customizable Salesforce accounting solutions, clients can tackle their unique business challenges and discover new strategic opportunities, without having to purchase additional software,” asserts Zorc. With simple drag-and-drop functionality, clients can create their own custom tables, data fields, workflow rules, approvals, and user interface according to their evolving business requirements.

Accounting Seed is comprised of three major features areas including core accounting, order management, and project accounting.

With our highly customizable Salesforce accounting solutions, clients can tackle their unique business challenges and discover new strategic opportunities, without having to purchase additional software

Its revenue management features allow clients to simplify the process of creating and managing recurring billing contracts, sales orders, deferred revenue, and invoices. The core accounting feature tracks financial data throughout the business lifecycle—from marketing, project implementation, product sales, back office accounting, through generating financial statements. Leveraging Accounting Seed’s financial reporting feature, clients can create and gather accounting reports easily. These reports help in further analyzing the business performance and drive key business decision making. In addition, Accounting Seed efficiently handles the complete project lifecycle spanning cash flow, time tracking, profitability, and reporting for individual business initiatives.

Accounting Seed has helped organizations in a variety of industries resolve their financial challenges. For instance, one of Accounting Seed’s customers in the home automation and controls market depended upon isolated systems to manage centralized business workflow. The systems deployed in the client environment lacked integration and customization capabilities that lead to business inefficiency. By deploying Accounting Seed, the client was not only able to utilize a single system for their business and manage finances more efficiently but also customize it to fit their business needs.

Focused on meeting client’s evolving demands, Accounting Seed has a robust product roadmap. In 2018, it is planning to add to their solution the ability process data transactions at a higher volume than ever before. Zorc mentions that it is their resolve to be at the cutting edge of technology. This resolve has helped them to achieve exceptional growth in the recent years. Accounting Seed will continue to offer proven multi-ledger systems that facilitate easy access to business documents such as quotes, sales and purchase orders.