AccountsIQ: Architects of Future-Proof Financial Technology

AccountsIQ: Architects of Future-Proof Financial Technology

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Tony Connolly, Founder & CEO, AccountsIQTony Connolly, Founder & CEO
During one of the conferences, Tony Connolly, founder and CEO of AccountsIQ, said, “Customer success is our mantra, and everyone from our most junior member up contributes to that.” Many companies use similar statements to make an appeal to their potential customers. However, only a few live up to the promise. The testament of Connolly’s statement was evident during the 19th Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in Dublin. Three of the top ranking companies to win this award, xSellco—an e-commerce helpdesk services provider; Spearline—a telecom and software solution provider; and Silvercloud Health—a healthcare service provider, use AccountsIQ’s cloud-based accounting, consolidation, and business intelligence solutions.

These high-growth tech companies are great examples of the clientele of AccountsIQ: firms that need the functionality, scalability, and sophistication to handle the rapid growth they are experiencing. AccountsIQ offers a robust cloud-based accounting system that comes with a multitude of features and capabilities. The core idea of the system is to enable businesses to stay on top of their accounting processes. The SaaS solution combines consolidation, accounting, and business intelligence into a single, compact, and powerful package for companies to use. With the help of its proprietary solutions, AccountsIQ makes it easy for businesses to attain smarter insights into their accounting, enabling managers to come to smart decisions and, at the same time, empower remote managers, finance staff, and accountants to collaborate readily and easily.

The distinguishing features that make AccountsIQ popular among its clients are: general ledger (GL) journal manager, GL journal entry, import of GL journals and trial balance movements, revenue recognition journals, accrual journals, advanced accrual journals, and prepayments spreading functionality.

Customer success is our mantra, and everyone from our most junior member up contributes to that

Additionally, in 2018, AccountsIQ added another line of features. Connolly voices optimism as these newly added tools streamline their financial processes. This new line of features includes consolidation and multi-currency reporting, business intelligence, system integration, reporting, flexibility and usability, and seamless implementation.

Among the many benefits of the platform, consolidation functionality lets customers unify all their accounting results from multiple companies and several unit groups in real time. This capability delivers a clear and accurate singular picture of the company’s accounting, as errors are effectively eliminated from the equation. Additionally, AccountsIQ reports are highly customizable based on shifting customer requirements. This customization feature allows companies to get the information they specify, without compromising integrity.

Additionally, AccountsIQ makes collaboration a breeze as well. Customers can bring multiple accounting departments, finance teams, and third-party vendors to the same page for an effective and highly productive partnership. On the other hand, ease of monitoring and documentation of all transactions from all the departments and locations makes companies prefer full audit trail tracking with AccountsIQ over other fintech companies. Also, the SaaS platform comes with an API that makes it easy to integrate with other cloud-based apps for a seamless and efficient accounting solution. This helps customers integrate data from other software for process streamlining like SalesForce, Concur, iSAMS, Kefron, AutoEntry, Opera and Fourth.

Currently, AccountsIQ is becoming well-recognized for its powerful accounting and consolidation capability. The existing tools and solutions and the future roadmap of the company have created anticipation among customers. Speaking of the future, Connolly says, “We want AccountsIQ to be the brand name that first springs to mind when finance teams and accountancy practices need something more sophisticated to solve accounting challenges and to enable their growth.”