Top 10 Accounting Solution Providers 2017
Sage Group: Powerhouse of Accounting Solutions

Top 10 Accounting Solution Providers 2017

Today, accountants are in a quest for accounting software that is user-friendly and offers time saving features like automated entries, data synching, financial reports, robust security and reconciliations. Cloud-based accounting solutions have become a compelling choice for accountants by virtue of their ability to bestow users with access to information from anywhere. Alongside mobile accounting, the solution providers now focus on providing modern architecture, robust features, better customer service and powerful customizations to increase productivity and streamline workflows.

Besides cloud, the increasing implementation of automation, data analytics, and social media is further adding impetus to the agility in modern accounting software. These developments are assisting clients in controlling their finances and enabling them to reap timely insights without muddling through file transfers and paperwork. Furthermore, advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are empowering organizations to capture, in a nutshell, the financial health of the company, through customized reports and easy graphical displays.

A number of accounting solution providers have set their business goals around finance and accounting in order to provide sophisticated solutions that increase productivity and enhance the financial performance of an organization.

In the last few months, we have looked at a number of innovative accounting solution providers and have reviewed those that are at the forefront of meeting the challenges in the accounting arena. A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, CFOs, and the CFO Tech Outlook editorial board has selected the top players by virtue of their innovative and cost-effective solutions that add value to the accounting arena.

We present to you CFO Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Accounting Solution Providers 2017.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Acclivity Provider of complete, easy to use accounting solution for small businesses
AccountMate Software Corporation Develops and markets fully modifiable business accounting software Offers digital business payments solutions for banks, accounting firms and businesses
Intuit Provides a plethora of accounting software solutions to boost efficiency
MineralTree A provider of accounts payable and payment automation software to middle market enterprises that improves efficiencies and visibility into cashflow, and enables easy access to data required to make strategic decisions
Oildex Offers premier cloud-based oil and gas accounting software with workflow automation and electronic document exchange
Open Systems A real-time financial accounting system to meet the demands and challenges of business enterprises
Sage Group Automates, organizes, and integrates typical financial transactions, helping a business run more smoothly every day
Xero Xero offers cloud-based accounting software for small businesses
YayPay YayPay is data-driven Accounts Receivable Management platform whose predictive AR workflow software leverages data and automates payment communications.