Aatrix Software: Comprehensive Accounting Tool for Simplifying Electronic Payments

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Aatrix Software: Comprehensive Accounting Tool for Simplifying Electronic Payments

CIO VendorSteve Lunseth, President & CEO
The realm of finance industry is glimmering with the technological change afoot, brought by the electronic filing of payroll reports and payments. No longer is it seen as a trend anymore, but an archetype business essential by many. “Due to its growing importance in the market, various federal and state agencies are making electronic communication and payment as their status quo for their account’s department,” underlines Steve Lunseth, President and CEO, Aatrix Software. However, this adoption is also incepting a chaos in the accounting landscape, as the 170+ government agencies, needing payroll data, are not creating a single, process, file format or management system to carry out their ventures of electronic communications. “Resulting in the existence of multitude of processes, file formats, id numbers, login credentials, and regulations,” adds Lunseth. Aatrix Software provides one solution for everything that works in harmony with different kinds of payments, formats and involved compliance requirements.

“Our business partners leverage Aatrix’s State and Federal filings and payments expertise to fill in government reports directly from their Payroll software,” says Lunseth. To support over 335,000 active businesses for their partners, Aatrix has invested many millions in its patented Electronic Forms and eFiling service. Aatrix's Single-Point eFile Center allows organizations to eFile any of the supported state and federal payroll reports to one site, at Aatrix, for processing. “Only one login, one process is needed for any unemployment, wage withholding, new hire report or payment regardless of the government agency filing requirements,” narrates Lunseth on the significance of Single-Point eFile. All the information and statuses of filing and payments are integrated on a single website (efile.aatrix.com).

The company’s W2 Preparer has been a recipient of huge acclamation— being responsible for printing or eFiling an estimated 20 million W2s for businesses in the U.S. at a 95 percent RECOMMEND rating from users. “Aatrix’s W2 solution includes corrections, W2C’s, and reprints. Its extensive error checking eliminates potential inaccuracies, allowing customers to avoid facing penalties or additional fling work,” says Lunseth. Compliance is a challenge various organizations grapple with, Aatrix has also introduced solutions that helps customers deal with the requirements of Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting. The Aatrix ACA Complete eFile service allows Accounting Developers to deliver the most comprehensive reporting solution to their end users while eliminating a million or more in development costs. The organizations are benefited with a new revenue stream from existing customers through Aatrix’s eFile service commissions. “With the new ACA requirements that the IRS has implemented for 2015 YE,” says Lunseth. “Aatrix has applied their patented technologies and years of experience, to offer simple and affordable 1094/1095 reporting solution.”

With the prominence of their patented tools, Aatrix displays a replica of the actual form or payment being filed, which can be edited onscreen— delivering an effective interface for its customers. “The error checks are processed automatically for all reports, also adding a layer of protection for our customers,” says Lunseth. The sheer number of reports and payments that are supported by company’s tools are unparalleled. Accounting Developers using Aatrix’s Fed/State Payroll Reports and Payments solution, realize an immediate benefit in development costs as well as delivering a much more robust solution to their users. Customer like Trefz & Trefz, Inc—a Georgia based firm from food chain industry—saw immediate returns on their investment in Aatrix. “My company uses Aatrix for all our payroll tax filing. Less room for human error. I would not have any other way,” said Cheri Snover, Accountant at Trefz & Trefz.

In the coming years, the Aatrix intends to mimic the same growth rate they are experiencing for the last six years. The company is also buckled up to add solutions for child support management, Garnishment management, and e-Verify compliance.