Aplos Software: Reimagining Fund Accounting for Nonprofits

Aplos Software: Reimagining Fund Accounting for Nonprofits

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Tim Goetz, Co-Founder & CEO, Aplos SoftwareTim Goetz, Co-Founder & CEO
It was a humid summer night in Fresno, CA. However, Tim Goetz, executive pastor of the local church, knew it was going to be a long night for him. Goetz wanted to put his CPA skills to use by helping the church with fund accounting and filing Form 990. As the dawn approached, Goetz realized the arduous nature of the task: different data sources, limitation on spending the grant budget, hundreds of paperwork. Additionally, with very limited fund, churches cannot afford to hire accountants or use expensive financial solutions for fund accounting. However, this long night was a watershed in Goetz’s life. The hardship that comes with manual fund accounting made him realize the need for accounting software for small non-profit organizations and churches. Driven by this realization, Goetz founded Aplos Software in 2009, a software as a service platform for nonprofit organizations and churches for fund accounting, Form 990 preparations, and donor management.

Aplos Software focuses its solution on simplifying the primary back office tasks required to manage a nonprofit, private foundation, charitable organization, or church. Goetz, co-founder and CEO, Aplos Software, sites his experience with church and his non-profit organizations as a significant factor for Aplos: “I served as the executive pastor for my church and helped launch a few local nonprofits, so we have heartfelt appreciation for the essential relationship between nonprofits and its accountants.” Goetz built Aplos from the ground up. The first feature to be included in Aplos’ cloud-based accounting software was the ability for nonprofit organizations to share real-time access to their books with their accountants.

Then with close collaboration with several firms specializing in church and non-profit accounting, Goetz built the accountant platform on Aplos. Currently, in addition to its core services, Aplos offers features related to online donations and payments, marketing and communication, event registration, payroll, website builder, and reporting and analytics.

The genius of Aplos lies in the fact that it understands that different organizations have different accounting needs. As a result, the software solutions have different core features based on the sector it is intended to serve. The software solution for non-profits includes features like nonprofit CRM, donor management, fund accounting, membership management, and fundraising tools. On the other hand, the solution aimed at churches includes tools for church management, church accounting software, and online giving and tithing. In addition to non-profits and churches, Aplos offers its services to accountants and bookkeepers, homeowners associations, and education and sports organizations.

The features and product lines are developed keeping in mind the needs of non-profits, rather than for-profit businesses. In sharp contrast to its competitors, Aplos essentially keeps the overall process simple. It comes from the understanding that non-profit leaders are not always professional accountants, tax preparers, or fundraisers. However, with the right software and guidance can help them do the tasks correctly and confidently.

Through its tailored solution, essential features needed for fund accounting of non-profit and churches, and easy-to-use software, Aplos has already established a strong market presence. To keep up with the trend of accounting moving to the cloud, Aplos provides CPAs with cloud-based tools to serve their nonprofits from remote locations. Many new CPA and bookkeeping firms are signing up on the accountant platform to build entirely digital practices. This trend means they can broaden their service areas and secure customers anywhere. With the development of cloud technology, Aplos aims to make its SaaS offering more refined and connect to other cloud systems. This future roadmap will make accountants all the more efficient in managing their clients and increase the number of organizations they are supporting.